Free Flight Model Airplanes

Free Flight model airplanes fly by themselves without an external form of control, such as radio control. It is the oldest kind of model airplane. Free flight models range from the simple models that a child can build to sophisticated ones for flying in national and international competetion. On this page are examples of some of these models.

Waiting to launch at dawn.

Launching a Jimmy Allen Racer.

Preparing to launch a gas model.

George Perryman waiting to launch a Catapult glider.

An F1B or Wakefield model.

A vintage "Voison" scale model.

Launching a "Pearl" gas power model.

A P-30 rubber power model.

An F1D ultralight indoor model.

Preparing an indoor model.

To see photographs from the 1998 Nats Video click here.

To see photographs from the 1999 Nats Video click here.

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