Photos From The 1998 Free Flight Nationals

Waiting to be wound at dawn.

Dave Rees' Alexander Silver Bullitt.

Bill Vanderbeek and his "Honey Bee".

Ryan Bain launches his P-30 model.

Brooks Goodnow launches a "Eureka".

Andy Tomasch prepares to launch his glider.

Bob Geyer launches a "T-Bird" model.

Ryan Jones launches a P-30 rubber power model.

Tim Barron waits to launch.

A Jimmie Allen cigar holder.

Rob and Jan Langelius start their engine.

Norm Poti prepares for another "max".

Larry Davidson after the chase.

Joe Clawson puts up another flight.

Hank Sperzel and a couple of his models.

Alan Abriss with his TBird, and Russ Hansen who designed it in 1954.

Stills From The 1999 Free Flight Nationals

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