Stills From The 1999 Free Flight Nationals

Walter Tomasch with a beautiful launch of his rubber model.

Brad Bain launches his power model.

Bob Geyer launches his 1/2A T-Bird.

Larry Davidson's Brooklyn Dodger takes off.

Bruce Augustus goes vertical.

Lee Campbell cuts some ribs.

Duane Renken's CO2 powered WWI scale model.

Joe Clawson's Super "D" model also goes vertical.

Keith Hoover launches his power model.

George Perryman and one of his "Speckled" birds.

Jason Poti launches his catapult glider.

Sandy Pofahl with his electric scale model.

Bill Vanderbeek launches his 1/4A power model.

Abram VanDover prepares to launch his cargo model.

A Wakefield model takes to the air.

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