Control Line Model Airplanes

A control line "stunt" model

Control line models get their name from the method in which they are controlled, the lines. Two stainless steel cables .015 in diameter measuring 60 feet in length are attached to a control mechanism in the model. The other ends of these lines are connected to a special handle that the pilot holds in his hand. By pivoting his wrist up or down the pilot can perform a complete aerobatic pattern as the airplane flies around him.

A control line "scale" model

Control line models are not only limited to doing aerobatics, there are also scale models that are miniature replicas of the real airplane and the pilot has to fly this model in a realistic manner such as take-offs and landings, bomb drops, and touch and go's.

A control line "carrier" model

There are also control line models that take off and land on a simulated aircraft carrier deck. This is not as easy as it appears and many end up in the "water".

A control line "combat" model

Control line combat involves two pilots in the same circle flying their models at speeds in excess of 100 MPH, trying to cut off a paper streamer attached to each airplanes tail. This sometimes results in mid-air collisions scattering airplane parts everywhere.

A C/L "speed" jet model in takeoff dolly.

Control line speed has the pilot trying go as fast as he can with speeds approaching over 185 MPH, this event takes nerves of steel and a steady hand.

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