Radio Controlled Model Airplanes

Radio controlled models on display.

Radio controlled model airplanes are the most popular form of model aviation being flown today. The large variety of model aircraft available today, gives the R/C pilot a wide choice of models to choose from. Aircraft such as the P-51 Mustang, F-15, C-47 and Piper Cub are just some of the models available to the R/C pilot. Pylon Racers and Sailplanes and stunt planes are also available for the R/C enthusiast. Also becoming popular today is the R/C Helicopter. These "choppers" can do tricks that a full scale helicopter cannot, such as flying inverted, loops and rolls. They are quite amazing to watch and are also featured in this video.

Radio Controlled Scale Models

A "scale" C-47 takes off.

Amazing detail on this SBD-1 Dauntless.

Radio control scale models always bring out the crowds. These exact replicas of the real airplane can take thousands of hours to build, then the builder has to fly this airplane. One wrong command given by the pilot or a faulty radio can, and sometimes does, destroy years of work, this is not a beginners airplane! These flights, unlike cheap airlines on, do not come cheap and will be quite costly if a mistake is made. The pilot has to fly this airplane in a similar manner as the real aircraft it emulates. These airplanes can taxi out, stop, rev up their engines release their brakes and take off just like the real thing. Any maneuver that the real aircraft can perform the model can also do such as loops, spins and rolls. Watching these models is almost like watching the real thing.

An F-15 waits to take off.

A Waco comes in for a landing.

Radio Controlled Pylon Racers

Preparing a pylon racer.

On the starting line.

A beautifull Formula 1 racer.

Radio controlled pylon racers fly around a triangular course at speeds in excess of 149 MPH. Four airplanes in each race fly ten laps around the 700 foot long course. This video puts the viewer right in the middle of the race, a place that spectators usually do not get to view a race from. Don't miss this one

Radio Controlled Helicopters

A "scale" helicopter.

An "aerobatic" helicopter.

Radio controlled helicopters come in two basic varieties, scale and aerobatic. The scale helicopter looks and flies just like the real thing and, as explained in the video, are also used in the movies when the script calls for a helicopter to be blown-up. The aerobatic helicopter can fly stunts that can not be flown by full scale helicopters, these machines are really "hot".

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