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This page contains some of our producers favorite aviation web sites. You will also find a few sites that have nothing to do with aviation. The producer just happens to like these sites. We hope you enjoy them and please come back to HGTV, we are always updating this links page. If you have a favorite aviation web site please tell us and we will add it to the list. Let "HGTV" be your link to aviation on the web!


Don Ross wrote the book on building model airplanes. Click hear to check out his website.

Brooklyn Skyscrapers Club is one of the oldest model airplane clubs in the country. A brief history of the club and photographs from the clubs archives can be found on this page..

The National Free Flight Society is the special interest group that governs free flight activity in the United States. The society also publishes the Free Flight Digest, a must read for anyone interested in the fine art of free flight..

The Academy of Model Aeronautics is the national organization for every form of model flying. If you are interested in learning to fly model airplanes, this is the first group you should contact. Before you crash your brand new airplane!

Scott Cannons Model Airplane Page is packed with all sorts of useful information that would be of interest to anyone who flys model airplanes. A good airfoil program can be down loaded from his site. Give Scott a visit and tell him HGTV sent ya!

Crash's Model Aviation Page has links to other modeling sites, including ours! A fun place to explore, so check it out.

Formula One Auto Racing is one of our producer's favorite spectator sports, when he's not flying his models. This web site should be in every race fans browser bookmarks. Updated after every Formula 1 race and very informative.

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